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  Cultivating the spirit of humility and at the same time that of strength, this is the true essence of Karate. Karate is indeed an art. An art of principles, integrity, character, content and, above all, the refinement of moral and spiritual values. It is the incessant pursuit of full happiness, a pure heart and spiritual openness. A constant challenge with yourself.

  The seed planted in training also germinates in the practitioner's day-to-day life, the karateka starts to solve everyday issues with focus and determination.

  The philosophy of Karate is true and profound. Karate is not just about strengthening the body, participating in competitions, winning or losing an opponent. Seen from this angle, the practice of Karate becomes futile and empty.

  I have been practicing Martial Arts for over 40 years. Fights and championships are not the true objective of Karate.

  Karate should not be seen as a sport, as this way it becomes completely limited. Even if, by chance, you become champion, this will be an ephemeral glory, and will belong to an increasingly distant past.

  The true path of Karate is “Introspection”, “Meditation”, where the body unites with the Universe.

  Our body is wonderful. Inside it we have, kept, a treasure: “The door of our direct connection with the Universe, with God”.

  How can we understand this connection?

  We all have a “Royal Center”, located in the lower abdomen. This “Royal Center”, whose name is “TANDEN”, is our link with the Universe.

  It is necessary to strengthen this “Centre”.

 The Universe is big, infinite. And our body is so small... But we keep inside it, asleep, this small flame, which through the practice of  breathing and meditation, expands, crossing the limits of our body, mixing with the Universe.

  It is through constant training, strengthening the lower abdomen and hips, that a new life is born within you. It is this energy that awakens, develops and grows more and more.

 Our little body is secretly keeping this Energy. Much bigger. Much more powerful.


Meaning - Oss!

Butoku-kan diploma

Butoku-kan one way

  When I'm training a movement, a breathing exercise, my thinking is completely null, clean. So, I see the feeling of joy, strength, energy being born. It is this wonderful feeling that keeps me going always training, because it is the feeling of “True Happiness”.

  It is this Energy that seeks my Karate. Developing and strengthening our

  “Real Center” let's release that Energy which is our contact with the Universe.

  But the Universe also has its “Royal Centre”, its entrance, its gate. And to open that gate you need strength, a lot of strength. Karate training will create this fearless spirit, the life force. In each of the movements this Energy will be born. That's karate.

  But the way to go is long, very long, if we want to open the doors of the Universe, and for that we need to train Content.  It is not persecuting the superficial, the body, the competition. My goal is Spiritual openness.

  Our body is no different from that of other animals. So why are we born human?

Because we must awaken spiritually.

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