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Frank Seiji Kaduoka

Video of the last presentation

Seiji Kaduoka and Taketo Okuda

  Seiji Kaduoka is a young and dynamic Karate Teacher who carries with him a great Legacy left by his Master Taketo Okuda, who died in January 2022. With much love and dedication, Seiji aims to maintain and preserve the traditions of Karate and its philosophy. At just 25 years old, he already stood out in the world of martial arts, because at that age he was already dedicated to Butoku-kan, giving classes, and always training under the tutelage of his master Okuda for many years.

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Seiji playing with Makiwara-1996

    Sensei Seiji's journey in Karate began as a child, when he was attracted by the discipline and focus required in the practice of Karate. In the year 2000, when Butoku-kan was already in its second Dojo, located at Rua Joaquim Antunes, Seiji began his career at just 10 years old, enrolling in Butoku-kan, because his father Paulo M. Kaduoka and his brother Erick Jyun Kaduoka had been training with Okuda Sensei for many years.

  Since then, under the guidance of his master, Seiji has been graduating until he reached the brown belt at the age of 13. At the time, Sensei Okuda only graduated people of legal age to black belt, so Seiji trained for another 6 years until he turned 19, and thus finally conquering the long-awaited black belt.

  Karate always walked in parallel with his studies, after finishing high school Seiji Kaduoka started the Architecture and Urbanism course at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. When he was in the middle of the course his Master Taketo Okuda invited him to become a professional (Karate teacher), at that moment there was a doubt about what he would like to do, but because he was in the middle of the course Seiji decided to continue with architecture and with his training of Karate in parallel.

  After graduating in Architecture, he worked as an architect for over a year and that's when he started to question his choices and his professional life. It was at that moment that Seiji decided to try a professional life in Karate, and it was when he decided to leave behind his profession as an Architect and start a new life  as a professional Karate. In 2015, Butoku-kan moved to Rua Cunha Gago, 798. This was an important milestone in Seiji's life, as it was the moment when he began to create his first disciples, who are currently graduated as Black Belts with approval and recognition of his late Master Okuda. From this year onwards, Seiji began teaching full-time at Butoku-kan. It was at this moment that he realized that this had been the best choice he had made in his life. Sensei Seiji, the newest teacher created by Taketo Okuda, can no longer imagine himself working in an architecture office.

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Seiji doing a kick - 1998

Butoku-kan Florianópolis


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